Sunday, April 27, 2008

Direct Marketers Alarmed by Recession

Self fulfilling prophecies coupled with ignorance coupled with fear = recession.

I hate it when people are surveyed about recessions, its almost always useless and serves the media fear mongering - if it bleeds it leads.

Ok, there will be more resistance and tightened budgets...that just means you need to work smarter..not nec. harder. Learn new skills...increase your closing percentage by 10% by reading ...trying new things...

Recessions are always ways to trim the hedges and improve efficiency.

Carla Hendra, co-CEO of Ogilvy North America, said the economic climate coupled  with the fragmentation of media has created an "interesting and dynamic time" for  the business.

"It's almost an all-bets-are-off kind of moment where you have to reinvent  yourself," Ms. Hendra said. "We don't have a business anymore where we make a  marketing plan for the year. We're making them every day, and that's had  fundamental implications for how we staff and how we get compensated."

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"Economic climate and fragmentation"? "all bets are off kind of moment to reinvent yourself"????

When is she going to leverage synergies and incorporate win win situations so they can arrive at ball park solutions with out of the box team players?

Sounds like corporate speak to me...sounds like if she said nothing, we would have obtained the same amount of information ...

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Mike Rosenberg said...

Recessions are good for any marketer who understands marketing is an investment and not an expense, the people who take one shot at it, but those who understand the market psychology know this..........

During a recession 90% of businesses cut back drastically on their marketing.