Thursday, June 12, 2008

Great Ideas and Lessons for Entrepreneurs

* If you have money, you make the rules.

* Move before you are ready; ie just do it; let go of perfectionism, let go of the need to educate yourself 100% before you get started.

* Intelligence and knowledge are NOT the key to success, hard work and taking action is.

* Scalability is where the money is.

* Have success rituals, set up your daily life so that you are energized and focused

* Discipline is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the easier it gets.

* Don't wait for that billion dollar idea to do something, just do ANYTHING and get started.

* "No excuses" mindset - stop bullshitting yourself.

* Originality is overrated. Copy and go with what works.

* It's not the idea, it's the execution of the idea that makes the difference.

* Only hire and work with Drivers.

* 20% of the info/ideas = 80% of your profits

* Don't think "What does this cost me?", think "How much extra can I make with this?"

* Tired? Unmotivated? PUSH THROUGH it. Consistency and momentum are key.

* If you are consistent, getting results is inevitable.

* Dream big.

* Stop worrying about what could go wrong and start anticipating what will go right.

* Monitor and stop all negativity.

* Always give value.

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infinitewebprofit said...

FIRST THINGS FIRST - do not worry if you make any wrong actions or bad decisions, mistakes are unavoidable and we learn from these, this is where we may improve and do things rightfully in life.