Thursday, July 24, 2008

Affiliate Marketing Jargon

My guide for all noobs that want to grasp certain terms relating to affiliate marketing:

Landing Pages - it's basically a sales page
Squeeze Page - in short this is a optin-page (you get their email for your list)
WSO - Warrior Special offer from the
SEO - Search Engine Optimization, optimizing your site for the search engines
PPC - Payperclick (usually referred with google's adwords), a type of advertising medium
CPA - Cost per action

For future reference...

See the Glossary

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goofblogger said...

Finally I have found out what CPA stands for, always thought that is was Certified Public Accountant :)

Atniz said...

I don't know about CPA also, thanks for clearing up. I always see that on google ad account and not understand what is stand for.