Friday, July 11, 2008

My TOP Firefox Add-Ons

There are a few Firefox Add-Ons that I can't live without, Here's my short list (IE the absolute essentials. Obviously, I have lots more, but I can give or take them):

AdBlock Plus - This is the one everybody in the world has. Websites look SO much different when I see them with the actual ads on them now (ie at a friends house w/ only internet explorer)

Repagination - Loads all pages in a list on a single page... So when I'm browsing the books at, I can load 20+ pages onto 1, and scroll right through 300-500 books without having to reload a page. Huge timesaver. (For Firefox 3, get the Non-Official version here > Repagination Firefox 3)

FireFTP right in the browser - no more wasted effort or time trying to look for FTP software and no need to go out of the browser

All in one gestures - great time saving tool once you learn a few basic mouse gestures(takes only 5 mins).

Web Developer - helps with website development, very helpful while designing pages, scrutinizing existing sites.

PicLens - great tool for:
- searching for images
- browsing through images on websites (google yahoo facebook myspace)
- searching youtube
- video news

Fun and easy to use

IE Tab - awesome plugin that Enables you to use the embedded IE engine within Mozilla/Firefox. With a single click, you can test for cross-browser compatibility
AI Roboform (saves my passwords and logon info...good for paying a lot of bills online)
DNSStuff Tools-Bar

Gladder - great proxy tool. You forget it's there.

Video Download Helper - to save videos from Youtube etc on my HD

PDF Download - to avoid the annoying load time of online PDFs (personal pet peeve)

Tempomail - generate a temporary email on the fly with one right-click

Aaron Wall's Seobook has some good tools which are compatible with firefox:
SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool
SEO for Firefox
Search Engine Ranking Checker
Search Analytics Tools
Competitive Research Tools
PPC Tools
Link Analysis Tools

Live HTTP Headers - Powerful behind-the-scene info about web sites/pages.

NoScript - protects from malicious scripts



revenue said...

Cool i will try the piclens plugin thanks :)

Van said...

Thank you for your useful info..Does your Firefox slow when install all of those extension?

Peintros said...


I personally use over 10 extensions and never seem to have a performance issue.


Lou said...

Good stuff. I use/have used most of those in the list, but Repagination is new to me, that's a great extension! I'm gonna' play with it very shortly. :) Piclens is awesome, but I've never been able to justify having it installed for regular use. Maybe I'll give it another shot though.

Erica @ A Woman in Business said...

Repagination sounds like a real time saver. Thanks for sharing.

B Carter said...

Thanks for the great info. There's a couple extensions here that I really should check out.