Friday, August 29, 2008

Useful Negotiation Strategies and Tactics

Negotiation Tactics - Part II

There are a variety of methods to use when negotiating. In the first article, it was advocated to enter a negotiation from a position of power (strategy) - this means that they want your services just as much as you want their business.

The tactic is the mighty pause - name your price and sit still, count sheep, do mental math - anything to keep quiet (besides fidgeting).

Don't touch your face, smile, wince or or adjust your glasses. Studies have shown that your credibility and thus your believability rapidly declines when you touch your face, smile, wince or adjust your glasses, play with your hair in a negotiation.

The second strategy deals with the fact that the other party in the negotiation process wants everything they can - the proverbial 'get blood from stone.'

The tactic to keep them off balance is to just say, 'No.'

For example - an employee wants a raise. You reply, 'No.' Nothing else is said. Let them talk first (and you don't offer an explanation). If they ask, "Well why not,' - just answer 'No.' They'll look at you funny and won't know how to proceed. If you attempt to explain why, you're sunk. Just walk away.

Should the employee come back and ask again, say 'No.' - DO NOT offer any explanation(s).

To reverse this: (let's say it's you asking for a raise).

You: Hey boss, take a look at this. I've made a list of what I've accomplished for the past 8 months.'

Boss: (After reading it through).. You've done a lot.. So what do you want?

You: Well, I want another weeks vacation plus a 8.5% increase retro-active 8 months ago.

Boss: Well I'll have to think about that.

You: Thanks Boss (and walk away).

You have an 80% chance that you'll get what you asked for because you gave the boss proof (so the boss doesn't have to think - boss + thinking = not good for you).

The third strategy is focuses on the power of silence (the shut-up) factor.

The tactic to overcome this (in a boss) is to ask pre-answered questions (and you answer them).

For example: You ask for a raise - boss is silent.

You: (after slience from boss). Let's take for a moment, that these accomplishments weren't carried through. What do you imagine would have happened (and list the reasons) calmly and without emotion.

Boss: Well, anyone could have done that!

You: Most certainly - however, the fact is I performed these tasks. Did I mention that the company saved X as a result of this action? And as a result of this benefit - this is what I want - list whatever it is you want and then YOU be silent. Let the 'boss' do all the talking from here. DO NOT attempt to answer any of the questions the boss has - they aren't meant for you - they're the boss' verbalization of their mental process. They'll come to a conclusion all on their own - in your favor.

Negotiation tactics take some time to work on especially if you're afraid of carrying them through or afraid for your job. If your position is ever threatened by dismissal for just asking for a raise - then, I don't think that company is worth your time - do you?

Take what works and discard the rest.

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