Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Googles next Major PR update is 3/31/09, are you ready?

I don't think PR update will cause as much a stir as it would a couple years back. Two reasons:

1. I highly believe Google's ranking PR is heavily dynamic, so an update may mean the toolbar value will change, but the SERPs should largely stay the same for the non-naughty sites out there.

2. Any last minute hastiness isn't going to secure anything, except Red Flags. Rather stay natural - should be my advice. If you want to pass trust by linking to high authority sites, that different. Don't make this PR Update a big issue than it already is.

Another laid back attitude towads this PR update is :

It doesn't affect SERP changes as it used to be. For link sellers it maybe a bad thing, but last year when my toolbar pr dropped from 5 - "Two" - my serps weren't affected at all. Sure some of my sites gained massive serp boost, which means some of the top pages lost their position, I'd still recommend everyone sticking to their linking schedule. If theres new competition in the Block, have a Fight Plan.

Best of Luck everyone retaining their SERPs or Boost.


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