Monday, June 01, 2009

LiveZilla freeware Live Chat ROCKS!

Wow, is all I can say:


Installed about one hour ago and highlights are as follows:

Customer Live Chat (free of course)
Multi-Server support (MS & Linux, only needs PHP...SQL not required)
Allows for complete tracking of each website visitor (i.e. you can coBrowse and watch each page that is browsed to LIVE!)
Push a chat request window to the user LIVE!
URL Redirect Push (push a URL to the user live to redirect them to a different page)
File Push - Send the user a file to their desktop
Allows for full branding...insert you colors and logo
multi user and multi domain
did I say it was FREE!

Damn after spending all day researching about 20-25 different pay per month hosted options...this one is free and ROCKS!

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Rahul said...

hi, yes livezilla ROCKS!!!

is that possible to install in blogger??

i would like to add in