Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ways To Get Indexed Very Quickly

This is all about how to get your website or webpage indexed as quickly as possible. If the method gives you a backlink, that's cool too but it's not required. If you have a trick in your sleeve, please share it. I'll start.

Propeller method:
- Submit a story in Propeller and use popular tags like "news", "google", "barack obama" or better yet, find a hot hot news story and see what tag it uses
- For some reason search engines love love love Propeller. My current record is getting indexed in 11 minutes.
- Your story will be changing pages constantly so backlink value isn't that good.

Warning about using Digg to get indexed:
- I don't know if it's just me but it seems that submitting your story to Digg and getting 0 diggs does more bad than good for you.
- For some reason my pages don't get indexed unless they receive diggs. If somebody has opposite experiences (recent ones), please contribute.

Press releases:
- Use free press release service and publish a press release.
- I haven't used this for ages because Propeller works so test yourself.
- This works because Google has their own news aggregator that loves to scrape all press releases
- If your press release gets picked up and not just spidered, you'll get good backlinks too.

About Tag & Ping, Blog & Ping, Commenting, etc.
- Only for link building in my opinion.
- It just looks way too spammy if you start with pinging or commenting.