Monday, August 01, 2011

How To Set Up Wordpress Locally On Your Windows -MAC PC

Here's my tip of the week. It will save you hours!

There are loads of Wordpress themes and plugins available. But some are good, others less so.

Up to now, you've probably uploaded these toys onto your server. But this takes time, and can mess up a perfectly good site in a couple of clicks.

Solution? Set up Wordpress on your local PC or MAC and test themes, plugins and make test posts on there before deploying on your main site.

And it's really easy.

1. Visit:
2. Download the appropriate Wordpress stack package.
3. Install on your machine by running the file and following the simple prompts
4. Job done!

5. If you'd like to have an unlimited number of different sites locally, set up the multi-site option
6. Visit: and follow the simple instructions
7. Voila! As many Wordpress sites on your local machine as you want

Windows Themes and Plugins go here:
C:\Program Files\BitNami WordPress Stack\apps\wordpress\htdocs\wp-content

Now go forth and add / test and plugins, themes etc locally on your PC!

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