Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Experience with Google Analytics

Despite Google doing whatever they want to with their Analytics installed - it SURELY gives the site a number of passive advantages in Google SERP.

#1. With the confidence of letting Google track web statistics using their own Analytics system, its like a 'Raise your hands, who is not afraid to expose anything evil'.

#2. Google Analytics was the easiest analytics programme, and also one of the most charismatic - on avg. I increase CTR of 250% studying the visitor clicking semantics - which i dont think any other Analytics program displays as vivdly as Google Analytics.

#3. If your website is genuine with no apparent rush, Google Analytics can only help you learn your site better, especially for better conversions. It worked for me since the beginning - and its working perfectly fine now. I have never seen any inconsistency in my PPC income - since i was always consistent in what I do.

Bottom line : Google Analytics is still my favorite web tracker, because it works for me. If it doesn't for you, I could not share your hatred, since I firmly believe you are doing something - which Google doesn't like.

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