Monday, June 09, 2008

3 Truths About E-book Publishing

The REAL harsh truths about e-book publishing.

1. Whatever people say, whatever you read - e-books are NOT easy to write. There are no 'quick' ebooks that took hours to write and sell like hotcakes - at least not over any lengthy period of time. The volume, price and lifetime you can expect from any product is proportional to the quality and effort you've put in to creating it.

2. Whatever people say, whatever you read - selling e-books online is NOT easy. It doesn't matter how good your site is, or your sales copy, or your giveaway, or how many gurus you may be in touch with, e-books sell because YOU, the publisher, put effort into promoting, marketing and supporting your product. If you think you can publish then walk away, you are very very wrong.

3. Whatever people say, whatever you read - the money is most definitely NOT in the list. People will give you the impression that all you need to do is build a nice big list and you'll have an income for life just by sending them offers. Bollocks. List building is a constant process. People come in, they go out, they bounce. A large proportion of your list will never open any of your emails anyway! If you want to create a sustainable long term income you need to be constantly working to maintain, educate, entertain, surprise and build your list.

So in short three things that will make e-book publishing a success - effort, effort and effort. Add to that determination and a whole sackload of patience and you might, just maybe, make a living.

Enjoy your day!

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for writing that because many do make it sound easy and lucrative and too good to be true.