Monday, June 16, 2008

Create effective headlines in B2B marketing

So we're BASHED over the head with the need for a headline. In EVERYTHING. No Exception.

Here's the kicker though... Logically, it's just not a good idea when you're trying to get somebody to take you seriously. I mean, really, if you're writing to the VP Operations at a $10M/year company, you probably dont' want to have "Who else wants to solve their bottleneck problem with no effort?" at the top of the page.

Reading through the section on "building a virtual relationship" in "Counterintuitive selling", there was a fantastic idea.

Pick a quote from an industry journal, interview, or otherwise relevant source to put at the top of the letter.


"...whether you debate the semantics or even decry the concept
itself, the bottom line is that human capital management
will have a huge impact on, well, the bottom line..."
—Brian Grant, Editor-in-Chief
HRDirections, May 2007

Dear Frank,
With today's unstable business environment and the increased scrutiny
by board members and shareholders alike, how do we ensure that our
organizations are prepared to compete and excel in the critical years just ahead?

etc etc

Personally, I'm a big fan of this. It takes advantage of the headline concept in a pretty classy, elegant way.

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