Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Optimal Seo Tips And Tricks

For anyone who wants to rank well in a certain niche, given a moderate competition ( Adwords avg CPC is not too high example like the good ol' Mesithelioma, quoted results between 500,000), these are the surefire methods which will rank them high in search engines ( Usually in Google first, followed by Yahoo and Live) :

Have optimal site structure, with relevant: follow, no indexes : in archival and other duplicate content possibilities. Silo structures help you to rank for long tails easily (while waiting for the more competitive rankings), keywords in the title, variations as header etc. all been discussed.

O.P.O.S - Clever deeplinking, example NOT using anchor texts as a outbound link if you want to rank that particular page for that anchor text. On Page Optimization is very essential, I'm talking about Alts, relevant variations in keywords, careful management of link juice flow throughout the site, etc.

Content : Put original content, lots of them. Consistent pace is very essential. Most of the times consistency will make the difference. Putting 100 articles up a weekend don't work anymore. Adding original, well written content consistently will make the spiders love your site. example: for many QDF ( Query deserves Freshness) queries, the site will slowly start to rank.

LinkBuilding : Try to get at least 3-4 links from the top 20 sites ranking. Its easier than you think. There are lots of ways - call them directly, be a chick, hire a chick, give a reward, guest blog, - and of nothing helps - start a false controversial flame war accuse them something stupid, once you get mentioned in their site/blog - apologize and everyone will forget. Even John Reese publicly apologized for his Tweeter comments with mashable.

A. Try to build links gradually. Age of site is very important. Experience says if the site is 8 months - 2 years old, aggressive link buildings are often blind eyed by the search engines. However, should try getting 300-500 links in 2 months, do-followed, good targetted anchor texts, pointing to your sites. Relevant niche forum signatures works both as relevant links and a source of initial traffic. Provide value in the forum posts rather than spamming them. Of course article marketing, blog comments etc helps, but make sure you first use original content in your own sites before syndicating.

Fail Safe is a completely different topic, maybe ill share it sometime later for what to do when someone is stuck in the rankings.

B. Consistency is the key. 99.9% in house self starter SEOs fail because they get frustrated after month 1 or 2. Five to six months time of gradual efforts to the site must bring it to the front pages of the organic searches. there is a big BUT though.. engines brings you targeted traffic - means more or less the conversion centric buyers will be aware of the niche. Monetizing them is an art, which I lack. Traffic alone is BS if you cant convert them. Marketing is 100 times harder than SEO - although both are Arts of its kind - I firmly believe one should know how to sell himself in order to be successful.

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