Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good CPA/Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Thought this might be a useful resource here. These are good blogs for CPA, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, etc. Some are better than others and some are updated more than others but there's a ton of info to be had and a lot of it blows any launched ebook out of the water. Some of these folks do some serious volume.

There are tons of others. If you have one you think rocks that isn't listed here, please post. Hopefully you'll find a gem or three.

CPA - Affiliate - this has one of the best instructional case studies that's out there. Look for the videos top right. - good facebook tips - Smaxor's blog - facebook stuff, not updated frequently

SEO - awesome blog

General Internet Marketing Site - also have a blog rating system that lists a lot of other blogs/resources.


moneyreign said...

Good run down. Thanks for the listing.

bb community said...

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