Sunday, November 29, 2009

Online document storage

Dropbox. Has iPhone app. Keeps copy of all revisions. Web accessible. Uses Amazon S3. Win/Mac/linux. Can only use 1 folder as a "dropbox" which isn't that big of an issue.

For a more well-rounded solution, jungledisk is great. I use it to back up my personal and business files. I love how I can have a network drive that I can treat like a hard drive. Uses S3, can sync and backup any folder, include/exclude with filtering rules, web accessible, keeps copies of revisions, Win/Mac/linux and portable, iPhone accessible with an app called Air Sharing Pro

Some Alternatives

Groove 2007

As part of Office 2007, I have Groove 2007. Haven't really used it much myself...but it's main purpose is to be able to work with groups in different locations and sync files across different networks and computers securely.

according to this wikipedia post

it looks like Microsoft is renaming Groove 2007 (Hosted version) to Sharepoint Workspace 2010

Open Source Group Collaboration
If you're looking to do group collaboration Sharepoint is used by many large corporations. I've also looked at some open source alternatives like ....

these two grew out of forks of Active Collab while it was still open source; before Active Collab went closed source and started charging for installs.

Easy and Painless VPN
You can try out LogMeIn's Hamachi

I had tested and tried this out a couple of years ago right before and after they [Hamachi] had gotten acquired by LogMeIn. And found it to be straight forward and painless to setup.

Ubuntu One - Dropbox Like Clone
if you're using Ubuntu, in the latest release 9.10 they added access to cloud sharing via their ubuntu one system.

it's supposed to use Amazon S3 like dropbox, and is a little cheaper as well (2GB for FREE, 50GB for $10). But the drawback is that it currently only runs on Ubuntu. Dropbox is cross platform with windows, linux, mac and has versioning.

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