Monday, March 22, 2010

Get Indexed Super Fast!

Submit your site url to Digg. Don't worry about how many other Diggs you get. The title and description should be interesting (for as high a CTR as possible, later on) and keyword rich too (for ranking purposes).

Then take your Digg url:


Get over to

Submit your url.

Go to

Add your keywords to the title, and add what you want to rank for, too.

Thats it!

Take it further:

Get a couple of Digg accounts, behind a few proxies. Don't bother digging your own urls. Try and give your Digg accounts names which are relevant to your vertical (car-lover, super-car-lover etc).

Make sure you only Digg 2 urls per account. So if you have 10 urls you want to get indexed, only digg urls 1 + 2 with digg account 1, then with digg account 2 digg url 3 + 4 etc.

Add each account to your other accounts, as friends, and still behind a proxy.

Go to Digg and see your friends activity. You'll see the list of diggs that your 'friend' has submitted. You can get the RSS feed for this friends account (orange button near the top):

Get this for each friends account.

Submit at

Each one with a different title you want to rank for.

Add each at:

My Yahoo
My Google

Use a RSS submitting program if you can get one, and paste the RSS feed urls and submit to directories.


Now I'm not saying this will definitely get you ranked at the TOP of each search engine, but sometimes you need to get indexed super fast (sales of a new site/blog whatever). So use this for that stuff and you should be golden.

From there, add more backlinks to push yourself up the SERPS.


Dany said...

Interesting tutorial, thanks for going through it. I agree that is not going to rank you high up there, or it would be too easy, this is mostly (I don't want to say strictly) for indexing purposes. I'm not in a hurry to get indexed, but I'm sure there will be times when it will come in handy.

billig sprit på nätet said...

thanks for your helpful tipps