Thursday, June 26, 2008

eBay Upsell Tactics

My TOP 7 tactics to up-sell customers or to sell them a different item.. that are within the eBay rules.

Here's what I use/have seen being used:

1) Listing a popular product using a premium listing package (looks like alot of sellers actually do this and list at a loss to gain hits), and then in the listing link through to high profit items in a store.

2) Listing an item and give progressive bonuses (if the $$ amount hits this point, this bonus will be given.. this point another bonus.. etc - no idea if this is actually permitted, but I have seen it.)

3) Sending out emails at auction close, payment, shipping, and after receiving that plug high profit items.

4) Bundling a popular item with highly profitable ones and charging more.

5) Send a letter for free consultation in physical items. you can probably do it digitally as well. But I do both to hit both points. do a 20 to 30 minute strategy session to upsell (probably works better in how to... information products, markets or niches).

6) Pick up the phone and call customer to do customer "satisfaction survey", to make sure they got their items and there weren't any issues etc. Then upsell them on the phone via free strategy session or directly.

7) Add them to autoresponders by giving them free ebook or additional items (if using aweber, 1shopping cart, get response, constant contact etc.) otherwise if you're using arp3, you can probably add them to your list directly yourself as they are your customer. Just give away free ebook to keep things kosher with hosted autoresponder services policy etc.

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