Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A great alternative to BANS

I was searching for an alternative to BANS, something that was more of a store to use under and put BANS under and found this site.

Its set up so you can choose millions of products from all the major affiliate programs and list them as a store. They have free, $5, $30 and $60 versions. The $30 version has all the features most would need.

Here is a demo shop that has 2100 pages indexed (you design your own template and include the product listings with javascript or php)

If the 3 year old can do it why can't we right?

The only other service I know of like this is Datafeedr and it's $97 a month.
IMO datafeedr looks better than Popshops....I like how it intergrates into your blog better by just one file. But on the down side the $97 a month is a bit rude, it should be free lifetime updates and not by the month.

I found Wordpress Datafeed Import, that's $137 one time and no monthly fee. You might want take a look at it, if you haven't seen it already.


WordPress Datafeed Stores said...

Stefan Everaet here from the team. Thanks for mentioning our service as an alternative for BANS!

Just want to add that given the fact you can build unlimited stores with our system, given the fact that a lot of customization options are available the $97 per month is more than justified.

But we understand that the service may be too expensive for a lot of people especially when they are only interested in building one or two stores.

That's why we're in the process to add several lower subscription models to the site. These will be available very soon :)

Peintros said...

@Stefan Everaet, thanks for the update.
I am looking forward to it ! :)

WordPress Datafeed Stores said...

[UPDATE] Datafeedr just released 3 lower subscription plans starting from $27 per month...